looking for a day to remember?

Here's how...

With a van that is completely unique to Australia, this can be personalised to suit your needs and dreams. A bar that is like no other.


A completely authentic, beautiful van imported from the south of France. It can be taken straight to your front door and set up as your personalised bar.



So the little brass van is a 1961 Citroen HY. Built in France and used as a camper van, it certainly holds a lot of character, and if it could talk, she'd have some stories to tell. In Perth, Australia, the van will be used as a mobile bar, able to cater for all types of events, from weddings, corporate events and private events - take your pick, we can meet you on the beach or in the middle of a field...just shout! You can provide the beverages, or leave us to organise for you, we have brilliant staff who will guarantee the smooth running and service for your event.

Our passion is seeing the smiles on peoples faces, We spend our time trying to create everlasting memories for people. The little brass van is certainly going to be a memory that will be with you forever.

Completely designed and fitted out here in Perth, the little brass van comes with all you would need to serve your guests and ensure they have a night to remember. If you think of something we haven't got, that's ok, lets personalise it together to make sure your day flows just the way you want it. This will be the mobile bar that everyone will want to be a part of.






Scarborough, Perth, Western Australia



Get in touch, and lets work out a plan together

Let's get together and make a plan, we're flexible so get in touch and we'll be able to work out how we can create the best event for you.

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Civil Celebrant

That’s right, Jack is also a Celebrant, and he would love to be a part of your special day. Follow the link below to find out more.

I’m committed to getting to know you, and hear your story. I have a naturally calm, and friendly personality,  and get very excited about seeing the best of people. I wanted to become a celebrant as I feel that the bond between two people is extremely special, I absolutely love being a part of weddings - it’s such an amazing environment, so what better way to be a part of it, than to get involved.




What makes me tick...?


I'm Jack..the one who was mad enough to come up with the idea and sit by the harbour waiting for my little brass van to arrive from France.

My favourite hobbies in life are creating experiences that'll be in my mind forever. Seeing others enjoyment is even better. I'm from England, and now I call Perth home. Having lived here for 5 years, it's safe to say I've fallen in love with the place.

Something I strive for is to try, do and see things that few other people would have even dreamed of. This, coupled with the thrill of meeting lots of different people from all over the world forced the decision to import a Citroen HY van  and transform it into a unique experience creating laughs; bringing people together and forming memories that will last forever.

So, the little brass van was born.

Enjoy the journey with me. 


These photo's are just a few of the Citroen HY conversions into mobile bar and food vans that have happened in France and in England. It's easy to see how perfect the rustic appearance can look at your event.