Dave Grohl tests out the Little Brass Van

 The van see’s stars

It’s not often I can say I get star struck, but when Dave Grohl comes up to you to ask about the van you literally get lost for words.

The Foo Fighters knocked the socks off Perth on Sunday, led by the infamous Dave Grohl! What I wasn’t expecting was for him to be strolling along the sunny streets of Perth. 

His is own words were “this van is the coolest bar I’ve seen man”.  

Of course I had to ask if I could get a photo of him pulling a pint and he jumped straight in!  

Thanks Dave, what a legend!  



Creating a brand

Well, it's safe to say I'm a bit alien to the modern social brand marketing! I've certainly stumbled my way through it with a lot of help and advise from friends. My vision for the little brass van brand is for it to have its own personality, an almost human touch. I ask people to jump on board and follow the van on its journey - it's true. We're all on a journey to somewhere new and different, and often unknown, it's always going to better shared.

A few ways I have tried to do this... well, first up was the name which kinda just came out of nowhere, its little, brass looking, and a van... the name found the van!

Next was the logo, I am so grateful to Michal for helping out with this, he did a great job and ticked the boxes - simple and to the point!

I wanted to get the name out as quick as possible so what better way than an instagram page and a website... Although there wasn't really a product to sell, it didn't matter. I thought to get the character out there and when the product is ready, the fans will be itching to see her... Hopefully that's still the case!!