First blog post - how to ship a van from Europe to Australia

Ok, so we've just worked this function and what better way to understand it than to give it a go.

As you'll already be aware the journey of the Little Brass Van started in Europe, it took about 7 weeks to get over to Perth. A bit of advice on shipping things - use a customs broker. We used McLintock International, they were brilliant. They made the whole process very simple, and certainly a lot easier than doing it myself.

When it arrived to Fremantle, I must say it was very exciting! I hired a trailer and picked it up from the dock and took it around to the customs yard where it was ready for cleaning... This was not a great experience.... Thanks to McLintock it was very well organised, however, until customs release it, there nothing that anyone can do. They pressure washed the entire van, inside and out. Not a great start to the little brass vans first experience on Australian soil.

Anyway, a couple days later, we got the call to go and pick her up. What a treat. Finally, a van with a personality. We put her back on the trailer and towed her to Malaga which is going to be her home for a few months whilst she gets a bit of a face lift. Driving through Fremantle, Cottesloe, Scarborough, she certianly got plenty of attention.

The adventure can now begin.